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  • Startups fail because CEOs have lousy bosses

    Yoav Yechiam - Course founder

    ...When you’re the CEO of a startup, you take on two very distinct roles: managing subordinate staff and divisions, and managing the CEO (who happens to be yourself). And I believe failing at that second role is likely the cause of a lot of startup closures.

    If a startup fails, the CEO probably holds a significant share of the blame. Now I’m not saying this as a condescending VC executive. I’m saying this as a three-time CEO of startups that have gone out of business.

    There’s a terrible misconception that the most important trait for a startup CEO is an extremely high level of motivation. As if that is the solution to most startup problems.  continue reading...

  • Learning by action and interaction not by lectures

    You're already quite aware of the challenges, and that there are always more to come. You also know there's no generic text-book solution to any of them. We will experience the skill sets needed to take control of our compass.

    Is "schooling" really what you need?


    So many options out there for 'higher education'. MBAs, EMBAs, Udemy, you name it. Yet, for CEOs accreditation is worthless. And theoretical lessons and lectures will only rarely hold the solution to your specific challenge...

    Education as we're used to is irrelevant


    Seth Godin's TED talk on education, limitation and the future of learning. This is what we believe in and how we teach

  • The program

    20 weeks long, online team discussion once a week, group accountability, 1 coach per 10 student

    Among the skill sets explored:

    - Self-management & introspection

    - Dancing with fear

    - Leadership

    - Opportunity cost

    -Owning the numbers

    - Habit forming

    - Accountability

    - Generocity

    - Goal setting

    - Decision making

    - Idea generation

    - Responsibility

    - Time-management

    - Empathy

    - Mastering influence

    - Honesty

    - Road-mapping

  • Secrete sauce & lifetime benefit

    You - startup CEOs


    CEOs are a unique bread. You're never truly qualified and most of your challenges are never foreseen. Startup CEOs will mostly have it the hardest... Not having a boss is one of the reasons we do it. Yet it's also our biggest weakness. Apart from the set of skill you'll obtain in the course, you'll also gain and contribute to your kin. The only people who can truly understand the challenges you face and loneliness that comes with it. A significant part of the course is working together, commenting on each others' work, giving advice, hacking solutions. Through the course you'll come to learn that the more you contribute and give to make your fellow CEOs better, the better you will become at finding solution to your own challenges. You'll learn to give critical comments in a manner that will have them be openly received. You'll learn to open up to different perspectives and to embrace and demand the utmost direct and critical comments. 

    Your partners to the journey - leaders united

    The course doesn't end after 5 months. The connections to fellow CEOs will last you as long as you're willing to take them. Obtaining the option to discuss in the most open and vulnerable way possible issues from the most critical to lightest humor. As you graduate you'll learn that you've added a group of powerful advocates to your company that care about you and your company, and will constantly push you to be accountable for your goals and never give up. Your success is their's and theirs is yours - LEADERS UNITED

    Your 'shadow' board

    Your startup has a board of directors. It's a formality and a must. Yet, startup boards are not there to support, guide and hold you accountable on a weekly basis. Some may see it as a good thing (less of a headache). But when viewed objectively a board or a boss to answer and hold accountability to is essential to the CEO's success. During the course you will find you have a 'shadow' board which in most cases be much more powerful and effective. You will also be 'appointed' to your peers' boards and learn and experience holding CEOs accountable. This practice will teach you a tremendous lesson on accountability and will also allow you to benefit from the wisdom and advice of fellow startup CEOs 'seating' on your board. This alone is one of the strongest features of this course.

  • Application process

    * Startup CEOs only

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    Course cost - $4,850